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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Hi everyone. I don't often post to this blog any more because there's little new to say and you can get most of the information easily online. I do still answers questions regularly at stevecarper @ Is mascarpone a low-lactose cheese? Yes. Does blood from injured cows get into milk, making it undrinkable to Orthodox Jews? No, it might have happened in some very rare cases but the milk supply is safe.

And if people send me news updates to what I've already posted about I pay attention.

Well, back almost three years ago I posted Lacto-Freedom - Sometime in the Future?  That told the story of Ken Manzo, who was trying to raise money for a new probiotic to prevent the fermentation of undigested lactose in the intestines. Since that's the reason most people get gas pains from lactose, that would be very big news.

He just emailed me to let me know that he succeeded. Lacto-Freedom is available for sale. That's remarkably quick for a new product.

Here's what he says on that site:

Lacto-Freedom Probiotic

  • Aids in the digestion of lactose containing foods.*
  • Take it for only 7 days and effects last for months.
  • Enjoy your favorite dairy foods without the discomfort associated with lactose sensitivity.
  • Patented, developed by a pharmacist

Lacto-Freedom Probiotic:
A new and unique patented probiotic that aids in the digestion of lactose containing foods, designed specifically for people with lactose sensitivity.*  After taking the probiotic for only 7 days, it stays in the intestines and produces lactase and reduces or eliminates the issues associated with lactose products for months so you can enjoy dairy without the discomfort. ...

How it works: 

The intestinal lining is made up of billions of bacteria, both good and bad.  Probiotics are supplements which contain “good” bacteria and when consumed add beneficial bacteria to the intestines.  We developed a probiotic that stays in the intestines, produces lactase, and allows the body to more efficiently digest lactose for months, so you can enjoy dairy without the discomfort.

A clinical study was done by Celprogen Inc. but consisted of only 8 test subjects. I wish that number was higher. Subjects ate a normal diet but submitted to "milk challenges" - drinking an eight ounce glass of milk and reporting their discomfort level. That discomfort shrank for the eight weeks in the trial.

A bottle of 21 Lacto-Freedom capsules costs $24.99 and can be ordered using the Buy Now button on the information page. Shipping is $2.99 in the U.S. If you're not in the U.S. the software should generate a shipping rate for you. You can also find Lacto-Freedom on Amazon, but the shipping is higher there. It is only available online.

Standard disclaimer. I have not used this product or know anyone who has. Please read all the information on the site before ordering. Follow all directions when taking the product. There is a contact page if you have further questions.

If you try it, please let me know what happens, whether it works or doesn't or winds up somewhere in the middle. I have to approve comments so they may not show up instantly, but I'll get to them and post anything I receive. (Except trolls and spam, of course. You get nowhere.)

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