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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Teaching Lactose and Lactase

A wonderful site,, has a long list of simple teaching experiments that teachers can do to show how lactase digests lactose, among other nifty things.

  • Lactase
  • Lactase Inhibition
  • A New Pedagogy for the Lac-Operon
  • Control of Lactase Activity: Genetic and Enzymatic Levels of Control
  • Exploring the Realm of the Steady State in E. coli

    If you poke around on the site, there's probably lots more of interest. I'd love to see students come out of school already knowing how lactose digestion works.

    And I can't help mentioning an old favorite here, from San Francisco's marvelous Exploratorium. Milk Makes Me Sick: Exploration of the Basis of Lactose Intolerance.

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