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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Santa's Kringle Kruncher

Milk and cookies. Milk and cookies. Milk and cookies. Ten million more homes to go. Milk and cookies. Milk and cookies. Milk and cookies. No wonder Santa is a tub o' lard who needs to rest up for the next 364 days.

What Santa needs is some low-fat soy milk and dairy-free cookies. Or even better, something to get around all those calories.

So a huge cheer for Shelby Macy, 12, of Beaverton, Oregon, who won first prize in the pre-teen category in The [Portland] Oregonian's Design Santa's New Sled contest with the following entry:

"Blitzn" was a careful rendering of Santa's sleigh along with detailed descriptions of its features, which propelled this entry to the front. The sleigh features a toy/coal dispenser -- to supply the needs of both good and bad children -- and a unique Kringle Kruncher, which transforms milk and cookies into energy for a lactose-intolerant Santa.

Yay, Shelby!

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