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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Tony's Lactose Free Cookbook

While I'm talking about the UK, I need to put in a mention for Tony's Lactose Free Cookbook, by Professor Anthony K Campbell and Stephanie B Matthews.

The website tells us that the book includes:

• Tony’s remarkable story
• What is lactose, lactase and lactose intolerance?
• Why 4000 million people can’t digest lactose properly
• The scandal of ‘hidden’ lactose in food and drink
• How to tell if you or your family are lactose intolerant
• Tables and figures with vital facts and scientific data about lactose

• Over 100 mouth watering recipes for starters, main courses and desserts
• Tony’s cooking tips, as well as do's and dont's
• A wine suggestion with every dish
• Soya and milk substitutes

• The extraordinary explanation of the illness that affected Charles Darwin for over 40 years
• How this story is going to revolutionise modern medicine

• A comprehensive reading list
• Colour photos of some of the recipes
• Useful web sites
• A bibliography for further reading

The Welston Press appears to be their own self-publishing empire, almost all of it about lactose. Ones that we would be most interested in include:
Other publications
• Anthony Campbell and Stephanie Matthews (2001). Lactose intolerance and the MATHS:syndrome: what are they and how can I cope? Pp 32. Welston Press, Pembrokeshire. ISSN 1474-6794, ISBN 0-9540866-0-0). Available now.

• Stephanie Matthews and Anthony Campbell. The hundred commonly asked questions in the lactose intolerance clinic. Available 2006.

Key references
• Matthews SB, Campbell AK. Lactose Intolerance in the Young: A New Perspective. Welsh Paediatric J. 2004; 20:56-66.

• Matthews SB, Waud J, Roberts A and Campbell AK (2005). Systemic lactose intolerance: a new perspective on an old problem. Post Grad. Med. J. 81:167-183.

You can't seem to place a direct electronic order for any of the books at the Welston Press site, but it should easily be available.
All publications are available from the Windsor Bookshop.

Cheques in pounds sterling only please, made payable to ‘Windsor Bookshop’ and sent to:

Windsor Bookshop
9a Windsor Road
Vale of Glamorgan
CF64 1JB

Tel: +44 (0)29 2070 6455 FAX: +44 (0)29 2070 6177


Online ordering: Windsor Bookshop

You can also get it directly from but not

I thought that I had added this book to my site a long time ago, but possibly I heard about it before it was available and then let it slip my mind. Thanks to Georgina for reminding me. I think - there goes my memory again - that this is the first UK lactose intolerance book of any kind, so it's a major step from them over there.

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