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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Trick-or-Treat for Food Allergy Coin Collection Campaign

Trick-or-treating is more trick than treat for kids with a food allergy.

Bah. What a way to trivialize a serious subject. But you just know that you'll be seeing that lead on a zillion newspaper articles between now and Halloween. And the publishers wonder why people have stopped reading newspapers.

Stop it with the cutesy leads and the punning headlines and burying the national news on page three. And CBS, you want to save the Evening News? Take out all the fluff and make it solid hard news every single minute of the broadcast. Nothing can save Katie Couric but stop insulting us with the notion that news doesn't mean news.

Here's some news, plain and simple. FAAN, The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network, is doing its fourth annual Trick-or-Treat for Food Allergy Coin Collection Campaign. The Campaign provides an alternative to the possibly dangerous or even lethal trick-or-treating for kids with food allergies. Instead, the kids collect coins and compete nationally for prizes.

According to the FAAN press release:

Prizes will be awarded to children who raise a certain level of funds. Incentives for participation include a multi voice changer mega phone, MP3 player, X-Style Kaleidoscope, and an Icebar Radio with headphones. Proceeds will go toward food allergy education and research programs.

Participants from the past two years will receive their boxes in the mail by the beginning of October. Others interested in participating should contact FAAN at 1-800-929-4040 or visit their Web site at

Parents can also organize special parties with allergen-safe foods for kids for dairy allergies, lactose intolerance, or other food issues. Let's break the candy/sugar/fat/calorie debacle that Halloween has become and find new ways to let our kids play dress-up and party.

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