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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Milk and Blood Type - the Moron Connection

You can find all sorts of idiotic nonsense about health in general and milk in particular on the Internet, but to see it come out of the mouth of a "certified nutritionist" in the pages of an actual newspaper makes me want to put my head through the screen.

The idiot in question can be found in the article titled The Milk Maze by Kat Bergeron at the website.

She starts with some solid info on milk and calcium before going on to quote from Jim Borden, who is purportedly "a certified nutritionist at Five Seasons, a health food market that offers organic dairy products as well as alternatives."

Ask Borden if you should drink cow milk or soy and he will ask your blood type. He is a proponent of Peter D'Adamo, an American naturopathic doctor who has created a widely used guide to healthy eating based on blood type.

"If you're a B blood type, real milk is beneficial," Borden said, "But if you're an A or O blood type, for example, and you drink milk, your body would marshal against it and try to eliminate it. We've seen some of our customers improve from chronic conditions that they didn't know what was causing it."

AArrgghhh! Moron! Who certified this numbskull? The connection between blood types and health is a crackpot notion that came out of Japan a few years ago based on the classic crackpot book You Are Your Blood Type, by Toshitaka Nomi and Alexander Besher. (Christopher Stephens explores the bizarre and anti-scientific origins of this bit of insanity in Searching in vein.)

Don't believe it. Stay far away from anyone who professes to believe. And make sure you don't follow any advice based on blood type.

For shame, Biloxi Sun Herald. For shame.

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