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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cooking for a Healthy Lifestyle

Pam Wertz of the St. Joseph Institute Spa & Resort emailed me to let me of their book of gluten-free recipes, Cooking for a Healthy Lifestyle, by Jenny Sheetz and Lauren Matosziuk.

Jenny Sheetz says on their website that:

All of my life I have enjoyed cooking and sampling a wide variety of foods.

I developed a taste for different types of food, taking delight in each one. When I discovered that I was unable to eat wheat and other gluten-grains, my life changed dramatically.

The more I changed my life-style, the more I discovered the need for further change. Eliminating gluten-grains was not the complete answer for me. Ultimately, I had to eliminate all grains from my diet.

In a society where foods are based on grain products that was quite a challenge! Since meeting challenges is an area of specialty for me, I decided to meet this one head on. We developed a test kitchen in our home. My daughter, Lauren, and I decided to re-create the tastes we had come to know and love. This cookbook is the result of our efforts.

My hope is that this book will help you find a more convenient life-style that allows you to enjoy meals as a family without having to prepare separate dishes for those who have food allergies.

You can order the book from their order page.

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