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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Planet Lactose: The Best of the Blog

Many, many, many months in the making, I can finally announce the official publication of my new book, whose full title is Planet Lactose: Reports from the worlds of lactose intolerance, milk allergies, and dairy-free alternatives [The Best of The Planet Lactose Blog, volume 1 (2005-2008)].

As the title indicates, I've taken the best posts on the blog and put them into a handy trade paperback book. Blogs are wonderful things for daily updates and specific searches, but nothing beats a book to collect and organize information to make the whole more than the sum of the parts. You can quickly turn to your greatest subject of interest, whether lactose intolerance, veganism, baby feeding issues, or cookbooks, and find a whole chapterful of posts that should capture your attention.

The cost of Planet Lactose: The Best of the Blog is a mere $16.00 and postage is free. For that you get a thick slab of a book, 376 pages covering almost 250 topics, and weighing more than a pound.

Buying the book is just as easy. I've set up a website for Planet Lactose Publishing. On the Purchase Books page, you can order Planet Lactose: The Best of the Blog. My collection of f&sf short stories, Tyrannosaur Faire, is also available for purchase there. All purchases need to be made through PayPal.If that's not possible for you, or if you live outside the U.S. or Canada, then go to the Contact page for information on sending checks or the equivalent.

As you probably know all too well, there are few books that talk about living dairy-free. Planet Lactose: The Best of the Blog packs more and varied information about all things non-dairy than any other book available today. It's a book I'm proud of. I hope you'll spread the word.

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