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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Two Books for Dairy-Allergic Kids

Cody the Allergic Cow is one of a series of books about children with various food allergies, along with Chad the Allergic Chipmunk (nut allergies) and Allie the Allergic Elephant (peanut allergies), all written by Nicole Smith and illustrated by Maggie Nichols.

Cody the Allergic Cow is a cleverly written book that will help those of us in public education support one more sector of our population. Through such enlightened awareness students, teachers and parents will serve as a catalyst for more inclusiveness and normalization. --Lew Davis, Principal, Foothills Elementary School

Cody through its delightful illustrations, lets a child learn about milk allergy, understand responsible behavior, and know that kids can be allergic to milk yet still have fun. Kids with milk allergy are special, just like Cody! --Lynda Mitchell, Mother of milk-allergic child, Food allergy support group facilitator

Thank you, Nicole and Maggie, for another child friendly, informative book on food allergies. I'm delighted to have another one of your books and will recommend Cody the Allergic Cow for the little ones in my practice with milk or other food allergies. --Bonnie Baswell, M. D. Allergist, Colorado Springs, CO

Product Description
Cody the Allergic Cow helps children learn about milk allergies and how to recognize an allergic reaction. Cody explains milk allergies in a way that parents, teachers, and children themselves can talk about allergies and understand them better. Written by the author of Allie the Allergic Elephant, Cody is her next book discussing severe food allergies.

Allergic Child Publishing Group
26 pages
List price: $12.95

Another option is The No Biggie Bunch Dairy-Free Dino-Licious Dig, written by Heather Mehra and Kerry McManama and illustrated by Michael Kline.

Product Description
Grab your shovels! Join Davis and Natalie as they scour the backyard for dinosaur parts and bone up on allergen-free snacking. You never know what they might dig up! The No Biggie BunchTM is a new book series for Kids Creatively Coping with Food Allergies. Their stories are meant to act as springboards for conversation among children, parents, teachers, friends and family members.

The other books about the No Biggie Bunch are Trade-or-Treat Halloween, Peanut-Free Tea for Three, and Sports-Tastic Birthday Party, all by the same creative team.

Parent Perks, Inc.
32 pages
List price: $14.99

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