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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Valio Terminates Real Goodness Lactose Free Milk in U.SL

Back in 2009 I had a very exciting announcement to make. Valio, the huge Finnish manufacturer of lactose-free milk products, was entering the American market at last. They contacted me about getting the word out and I was happy to do so, in Valio's Lactose-Free Milk Is a Hit!

I just got a comment on that page complaining that the milk could no longer be found. So I did a search and came up with this undated message that is all that's left on the website.

Dear Friends of Real Goodness:

Thank you for your loyalty to our brand over the past two years. In the limited time we have been in market in the United States, Real Goodness has helped thousands of people overcome the symptoms of lactose intolerance and enjoy a healthier and tastier lactose-free milk.

We regretfully announce that our company has made the decision to terminate production at this time. Our final shipment to retailers occurred last week. This product has enjoyed widespread success in Europe. However, the product did not achieve its sales targets set out in our strategy despite the fact that the product was unparalleled in its ability to deliver great taste and superior nutrition.

On behalf of Valio USA, I want to thank each of you for supporting Real Goodness.

What can I say? While a small percentage of people with lactose intolerance cherish each and every lactose free product on the market, the greater number ignore them. They either avoid real milk products, opting for artificial substitutes or no milk-like substances at all, or just have real milk in smaller quantities. The lactose free market has always been small and chancy. I've watched dozens of products come into the market and suddenly disappear over the years.

I'm very sorry about this one, because I thought Valio had the money and marketing clout and savvy to pull it off whereas small companies can't compete nationally. It's a shame.

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Robin D said...

Came across your blog in my search for Valio's Real Goodness milk. I had been buying this product here in Cleveland for the past year since I discovered it. When my local grocery store no longer had it on the shelf this summer, I thought they had just stopped carrying this brand. Now I know better. I'm very disappointed, as I really found the Real Goodness milk to be much tastier than Lactaid or any store brand lactose free milk I have tried. So sad that they couldn't make it in the American market.

Anonymous said...

Like Robin D, this was the only lactose free milk I thoroughly enjoyed drinking. The others on the market are too sweet, 12 grams of sugar which is not healthy. Perhaps better marketing might have helped if they did the taste test like Coke and Pepsi did, Real Goodness Milk would have won hands down. So sad they are no longer in the American market.

bearbon said...

I absolutely loved Real Goodness milk! Even the 2% tasted like cream! Seems like I have the kiss of death. Every time I find a product I love, it either gets "improved" or disappears from the marketplace. I know it's popular in Europe but I wish Valio could find someone in this country that could make it a success and ADVERTISE it effectively. What a loss. Now we're stuck with that horrible tasting Lactaid - which I don't buy.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that Valio had to terminate their Real Goodness Lactose Free milk in the American market. My grand-daughter only used this milk because she said it tasted delicious and it was the best milk out there for her Diabetic condition. Not only was it creamy tasting but it contained the least amount of carbohydrates and sugar content when compared to Lactaid or any other milk brand.

Sybille said...

Thank you for this excellent info on Valio Real Goodness milk. I had been searching high and low for this product as it was slowly disappearing from shelves. It's a shame, because the taste and quality was superior. Back to Lactaid I guess :-(

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed about Real Goodness milk. It was hands down the best lactose free milk ever. I hate all the others...too sweet and they don't taste like milk. Real Goodness was the real thing. About the time Real Goodness was catching on Lactaid brand flooded the market with all sorts of stuff. I couldn't believe it. I think this pushed Real Goodness out. I am sad!

Anonymous said...

I went looking for Real Goodness today at BigY here in CT, as they were the only retailer that had this milk. This was the best milk ever. It never left an after taste like the Lactaid milk. Soy milk makes me itch and I'm allergic to almonds so would not dare try the milk, as for rice milk it's nasty!! Real Goodness please come back!!

Anonymous said...

Real Goodness was far superior than Lactaid, but in retail, it's all about shelf space. Lactaid owns the market and makes sure it's products are front and center. I happen to know they were threatened by the entry of Real Goodness into their category and did everything they could to thwart it's efforts to compete. It's a shame. In this case the consumer loses.
As someone who loves milk but is mildly lactose intolerant, Real Goodness was a Godsend. But I'd rather suffer through a few tummy aches than subject myself to the overly sweet and watered down chalk of Lactaid.

Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful product. High in protein with a reduced sugar content, it tasted like the best quality milk from a small dairy. What a shame that our markets are dominated by inferior products that limit our choices,like Lactaid which is disgusting in taste and texture. With no other choice, I have given up milk except in small quantities of the real, organic thing. I wonder why some US co-op or dairy doesn't license the process from Valio and make it available. I am sure that the marketing was not sufficient for this great product to get a foot hold, many of my friends had never heard of it.

At least now I have a good reason to go to Finland.

Anonymous said...

If you live in texas and have access to HEB or central market Mootopia is lactose free not sugary and very creamy, designer milk with more protein less sugar it is delicious! I wish it was organic but ill take it over lactaid or organic valley any day...

Anonymous said...

Ditto to all. I too loved this product and far prefer it over the sweet tasting Lactaid. Now I can't find it and I know why. Thanks for posting this update.