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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Delicardo Foodcards

Delicardo alerted me to a great deal. Because this is the season of allergy awareness weeks worldwide, they are giving discounts of their allergy foodcards as celebration. They're a German company but they have an English-language website.


DELICARDO Foodcards are food allergy and intolerance cards, also known as chef cards, dietary cards or restaurant cards, which were made to help people who suffer from adverse food reactions while eating out at home or traveling abroad, the ultimate form of eating out. DELICARDO Foodcards are currently available in Spanish, German and English meaning that most popular destinations are covered and, in the case that cards aren’t available in the desired language, specially translated cards can be ordered in the online shop.

With your cards you won’t have to eat at the hotel or go through long and complicated explanations with restaurant staff that may or may not understand what is being said.

For information about the range of cards available click here.

Standard DELICARDO Foodcards can be found here.

To create a personalised DELICARDO Foodcard click here.

The site now says that the cards are available in French and Italian as well. The exact nature of the discount isn't clear at a glance. It may be added when your order is calculated. Poke around the site to see what works best for you.

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DELICARDO foodie said...

Thanks for sharing the info! The special was automatically placed on all orders made that day :-)

I'll be sure to get in touch next time we have a deal on.

Most specials are posted here

DELICARDO foodie said...

Thanks for the post! We'll be sure to get in touch next time we have a deal on.

Most specials will be shown here as well.