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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Food Allergy Awareness Week

This week is FAAN's Food Allergy Awareness Week

FAAN is of course the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxsis Newtwork, who is the leading advocacy organization for allergy awareness in the U.S. They do tons of good work and just as importantly make it easy for you to go out and advocate for your needs on a state and local level. The page I linked to in the first paragraph has a variety of links on it that will lead to activities, projects, and materials that will help you.

Allergy awareness isn't limited to the U.S. either. April saw the World Allergy Week sponsored by the World Allergy Association.

Anaphylaxsis Australia has its own Food Allergy Awareness Week starting May 14.

Allergy New Zealand follows with its Allergy Awareness Week from May 20-26.

Not all the attention is on food allergies and less is focused on milk allergy specifically, but all the fuss is worthwhile. Allergies are increasing everywhere and nobody really understands why. The consequences of allergies, especially in children, are severe and real, even if some people make light of the excesses that any movement is heir to. I've written dozens of entries about parents who used their own experiences with their own children to start businesses or organizations to help others. It's a great way to pay forward for the help that all of us have already been given by caring others.

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