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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lactagen Response - It Worked for Her

In response to my earlier post -Lactagen: Questions, No Answers, I received an email from Patricia S. She gave me permission to post her message her on the Planet Lactose blog and also on the Lactagen page on my website.

I found your site through the Lactagen website and saw that if someone went through the program that you wanted them to email you with all the details, so that's why I'm writing.

There's really nothing to tell other than it worked. I had been lactose intolerant for almost 4 years, got an email that was advertising Lactagen and various other products. Normally I would've trashed the email but when I saw the word lactose I figured I might as well read it. I checked out the website and thought to myself that it was expensive however it it worked then it was worth the money and if it didn't there was a 6 month money back guarantee. So either way I couldn't lose. My total cost with shipping & tax was $148 and change.

I followed the program to a "t" and didn't have any problems until the very last day when I had my last 12 ounce glass of milk. Got all the symptoms as if I just ate a hunk of cheese (bloating, massive diarrhea) except the massive and painful cramping. After my ordeal (when I was free of the bathroom), I called the Lactagen company up and one of their experts asked what I had for dinner with the milk. I told him, and there was absolutely nothing I ate that had any trace of dairy in it. So we talked for a bit, he asked my symptoms, and when I said I did not have any of the severe cramping that I normally did he said it was probably something I ate that just upset my system and to restart the last 3 days of the program were you just drink the various ounces of milk but also to introduce one other think of dairy into my diet like having a cheeseburger for lunch one day, cheesecake the next day, etc. This seemed to work and so far I have been able to eat dairy with no problems at all!

So for your reference the Lactagen program really does work!

And a follow-up:
I forgot to mention that prior to trying Lactagen, I did try Lactaid and Ultra Lactaid pills and for the first few years it worked about 99% of the time, then it started dropping and by last July 2004 it completely stopped. Basically, it was just a band-aid, a very temporary band-aid. And of course, it was at the worse possible time...while I was on a cruise! Let me tell you, it was not too fun watching everyone else eat all those yummy meals & desserts that I couldn't have!

So if you want, you can add this to your website/blog so if someone reads it they will know that I did use the Lactaid pills. Basically, it was just a band-aid, a very temporary band-aid.

I'm for whatever works for people without hurting them. If you have more comments or questions about Lactagen, be sure to leave a comment.

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am said...

The AM Theory

There is another solution to Lactose Intolerance besides Lactaid products. I discovered it when my friend told me she used to be Lactose Intolerant until she started the Atkins Diet. She does not want me to use her name, so we will call it “The AM Method” after me (my initials are AM). While she was on the Atkins Diet, she could eat and drink dairy foods anytime and would not get gassy, bloated, and all the other fun symptoms.

My first thought was that almost all Asians are Lactose Intolerant; and one of the foods that my friend was no longer able to eat while on the Atkins Diet was rice. I asked myself, "Could that be why Asians are Lactose Intolerant (because they eat rice every day at almost every meal)? And Caucasians are least likely to be Lactose Intolerant because they do not consume rice as frequently as Asians?” It was just a thought.

At that time, I was consuming far too many Lactaid pills for my own good and thought, “I should try skipping my rice at dinnertime so I can have a big bowl of ice cream.” In the past I would only have a scoop of ice cream after dinner and hoped I was going to be OK. That night I skipped my rice and asked for a large bowl of ice cream. My family questioned it, “You never ask for more than one scoop. Are you sure you want a whole bowl of ice cream?” I said I wanted a heaping bowl. It was just a test and I fully knew the consequences should my theory be wrong. After I finished my bowl of ice cream, I waited for the symptoms (Gurgles, gas, etc.)—Nothing!

The next morning I had to tell my friend that she had just cured my Lactose Intolerance and hence, The AM Theory—The reason why majority of Asians are Lactose Intolerant while majority of Caucasians are not is because Asians eat rice at almost every meal and majority of Caucasians don’t. The consumption of rice and other wheat/grain products along with my Dairy Product is what causes me to be Lactose Intolerant.

It has been more than a year since I first discovered The AM Theory. I no longer suffer from enjoying all the dairy foods that I love so much as long as I stick to The AM Theory and the standard rule of not consuming excessive amounts of dairy products in one sitting and/or on an empty stomach. I have also learned that I can have dairy products ½ hour before and/or 1 ½ hour after consuming wheat or grain products and not end up with an upset stomach (well, at least for me.)

I don’t know what the scientific explanation is, but if it works for me, it might work for someone else. Individuals could probably do their own research and try The AM Method and post their results on your website.

I hope this helps other Lactose Intolerant sufferers.

Below are a few related web pages:

Survey Tables

Lactose Content of Dairy Foods

dgr said...

Lactagen hype or cure?
I've been Lactose Intolerant for a little over 10 years and not a little lactose intolerant either. I was sensitive enough to be running to the bathroom from the smallest milk doses so to say I was skeptical is an understatement. I tried Lactagen anyway as I felt the $120+ was a small price to pay for freedom from the lactase pills that were everywhere in my home office and car.
I am approximately 4 weeks out of the lactagen program and I have had no trouble with milk, cheese, etc. Old habits die hard as I have to remind myself I can eat anything on the menu not just dishes I had taken to-go several times before I would even try it in the restraint. There is one note to this, one must exercise caution directly after this program as I have been eating everything I haven't had in a decade and now I have to get a gym membership ;)
I would like to express my gratitude to the developer of the lactagen program!
I felt I needed to submit this so people know this is for real this is Not a scam.


Sumaker said...

I am not sure if the "AM theory" is reliable. I am asian and I hated milk since the day I can remember. I practically wanted to vomit when I smell milk. It's like my body is naturally stopping me from drinking milk. Even though I am asian, I do not consume rice on a regular basis. And when I first moved to Canada, I fell in love with chocolate milk. I was drinking it everyday with a muffin in the morning. Chocolate milk was the only milk that doesn't make me want to throw up before entering my mouth. I did not have any lactose intolarence symptoms at that time, until about 5 years later. So, for a non-rice eating Asian like me, your theory doesn't sink with me too well. But your theory is very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I am Asian-American, been lactose intolerant nearly half my life (almost 20 years now), and I have never been much of a rice eater, either. It is an interesting theory though. Maybe its the soy sauce? ;)

Wendy said...
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Wendy said...

I have been Lactose Intolerant for 20 years. I tried the Lactagen program last month and I gotta say...So far it's working without any problems whatsoever! No more cramps and running to the bathroom! I've had milk, pizza, ice cream, quiche and Yogurt without any symptoms. I'll will keep you updated! I sure hope I stay this way! Because if it doesnt...I will certainly let people know about it!

Wendy said...

I have been Lactose Intolerant for 20 years. I tried the Lactagen program last month and I gotta say...So far it's working without any problems whatsoever! No more cramps and running to the bathroom! I've had milk, pizza, ice cream, quiche and Yogurt without any symptoms. I'll will keep you updated! I sure hope I stay this way! Because if it doesnt...I will certainly let people know about it!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how it worked, but it worked and is still working. I followed the instructions as close as possible and now I have none of the symptons- you all know what they are. I can eat every dairy product with moderation with total confidence. YEA

Andrew said...


I just found this site and I'd like to leave a testimonial on my life and where Lactagen and Lactose Intolerance fits in... seeing that other than Andrew Ritter, I'm the longest success story of Lactagen.

First off, I was extremely lactose intolerant for all of grade school. We're not talking about a little gas here and there. We're talking about debilitating, bring me to my knees in the bathroom stomach pains and horrible problems with diarrhea. Not only was it embarrassing as a child, but I just didn't understand it.

To top it off, I LOVE ice cream, cheese, and most other dairy products and always have. So what happened? Well, I was lucky enough to be in the same grade as Andrew Ritter at the same school. When he created his program, he asked if I would try it because we were good friends. I was 14 at the time and I was opened to suggestions!

Guess what? It's been 12 YEARS... that's right, 12 YEARS that I've been symptom free!!! Andrew Ritter has given me one of the greatest gifts that a friend can give to another.

I've read some comments on here that say that they feel like they've been taken advantage of over the price or other supplements to go along with it. Well guess what? He's trying to run a business!!! Why shouldn't he try to maximize his profits.

While Lactagen is NOT a cure, it sure gets about as close as you can get without the title. I took it ONCE 12 years ago and I've never had to worry about it ever again!!! Most of the complaints that people have these days with pharmaceutical companies is that they don't find ways to actually cure a diseases, or at least find a way to make a disorder "go away". They find ways to TREAT the disorder in order to always have a customer.

So with that in mind, I would say that people should personally thank Andrew for even trying to come up with a cure in this day and age. And the proof's in the pudding, even if you can't call it a "cure" so to speak.

I've gotta go now... I've got some ice cream to eat!!!

P.S. If you would like to post a comment about your success stories from Lactagen, please feel free to come check out my article on Lactagen and Andrew Ritter at the following link:

-Andrew Rubalcava

Anonymous said...

I took this stuff about four years ago now and still can drink milk now. It seems like it worked then and is still working fine. I do like my dairy very much. I do notice that if i over do it i still am fine. I was talking to a co-worker about this stuff and she wanted to get some but it is not for sale any more????? what happened??????

MrPete said...

I too was EXTREMELY lactose intolerant. And very skeptical about Lactagen... if it did NOT work, no amount of money would be worth the pain resulting from drinking a glass of milk.

But I did it. And it has now been many years that I've enjoyed dairy and not needed any pills. My only "maintenance" is to regularly eat some yogurt.

It's true that severe antibiotics (without yogurt) might cause trouble... but I've been through that a number of times. As long as I have a little more yogurt than normal at such times, I'm fine.