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Monday, July 30, 2007

Lifetime Cheese Stops Mail Order

What seems like a lifetime ago, pun intended, I wrote a news item for my web site announcing that I had found a true milk lactose-free cheese.

Lifetime Specialty Cheeses says:

FLAVORS: Cheddar, Swiss, Jalapeno Jack and Mozzarella

Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest significant amounts of lactose, which is the predominant sugar of cow's milk. This condition may cause a wide range of symptoms after ingestion of foods containing lactose.

*50 Million American adults are lactose intolerant

*25% of all U.S. households include someone who is lactose intolerant.

Dairy products are a major source of calcium in the basic American diet. Calcium is needed for the growth and repair of bones throughout life. In the mid and later years, a lack of calcium may lead to osteoporosis.

The solution is to enjoy calcium rich, lactose free, fat free dairy products like Lifetime Lactose Free Fat Free Cheese!

Unfortunately, a reader just informed me that he found this also on their website:

Unfortunately, due to the high cost associated with shipping refrigerated cheese, Lifeline Food Company can no longer offer this service to our customers.

Our products will continue to be available in retail stores throughout the country and we will continue to expand our distribution into more areas.

We thank our customers for their loyal support of our products. Please call us if you would like to see Lifetime cheeses in your local stores.

The cheeses are still available in a wide variety of stores across the country, though.

For more info:
Lifetime Food Co. Inc.
426 Orange Ave.
Seaside, CA 93955
FAX: 831-899-0285

e-mail them at

You can find other real milk lactose-free cheese in my Product Clearinghouse on the
Reduced Lactose Products

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Lifetime has been available for Mail Order (since 2009) through Northwoods Cheese. Here's their link:

Additionally, Lifetime now makes Snack Sticks to go along with the 13 different flavors of blocks they've always had. And it's all available through Northwoods! Woohoo!!

REJOICE!!! Lifetime Cheese rules (at least for us health-focused people!).