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Monday, March 01, 2010

Craig Ferguson Loves Lactose Intolerance

Did I just say fart jokes?

We made Craig Ferguson's monolog!

If you watch Craig regularly (he's the host of the Late Late Show, the one following Letterman), you know that he can't resist a fart joke. He'll grab whatever topic he's rambling on about and wrench it totally off its foundations if he can get a fart joke out of it. So of course he's mentioned lactose intolerance about a million times.

Never in a thousand million zillion years did it occur to me that he'd hear about the NIH Conference on LI. I forget about those 249 newspaper articles. He made the conference the centerpiece of his monolog last Wednesday night (or technically Thursday morning). Yes, I'm just catching up with last week's programs. (The conference made a mess of a life that at its best is 10 pounds of entropy in a five pound bag.)

YouTube to the rescue. I've embedded that portion of the monolog here. The lactose-y stuff starts at about 2:10.

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