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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Great Page of Food Allergy Informational Links

Food allergies have exploded over the last two decades and nobody is quite sure why. Until scientists can tease out the true explanation from the hundreds of suggestions made, sufferers and parents of children with allergies need to learn all about them. What to avoid, what to do if symptoms arise, how to substitute for trigger foods. In that way allergies are much like lactose intolerance: the same behaviors need to become automatic. Kristen sent me a great page of useful links that appeared, of all places, on the website of LionsDeal Restaurant and Office Wholesale. Restaurants are taking allergies and intolerances with far greater seriousness and understanding than they did before the incessant publicity on them started. The people at Lion's Deal did a good amount of research and put it together on a page called Kitchen Guide: Food Allergy Information. The links all head to major academic and governmental bodies or allergy organizations, so the information is sure to be authentic. Thanks to for gathering this information for their restaurant clients and to Kristen for making me aware of it in a place I'd never think to look

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