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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Alisa Fleming of - "The Complete Resource for Dairy Free Living" – sent me an email alerting me to her site.

I got these on a regular basis, and most fail on almost all counts. Too limited, poor information, bad design, not up-to-date.

None of these apply to It takes a lot to impress me, but I'm impressed. is divided into a number of sections,

    What's New?
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • Online Retailers for Hard to Find Products
    • The Recipe & Discussion Forum
    • Dairy Free Product Lists

    Dairy Free . . .

    • . . . At the Grocery Store
    • . . . In the Kitchen
    • . . . When Dining Out
    • . . . In the News

    Topics of Interest

    • All About Milk
    • Calcium
    • Key Issues
    • Medical Conditions Linked to Milk
    • FAQs

    Additional Resources
    The 10-day Dairy Free Challenge

Each section has several long articles inside of it.

Most impressive is the Dairy Free Foods & Products page. This lists 2500 dairy-free products with information and a link for each. It's similar to my Priduct Clearinghouse except that I limit my info to direct substitutes for dairy products, while includes hundreds of the various foods that are dairy-free. The additional information should be valuable. I just hope they have a staff of a thousand to be it updated!

There's also a forum to share tips and ask questions.

A newsletter is coming in May. So are many other tempting items.

Real work went into this site. I feel better about not having the time or energy to keep my website going at top speed. The field of products for those with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies or vegans or all the others who want to avoid dairy has gotten just too huge for any one person to cover it as a part-timer. I really do hope that they have the staff to keep this going. I know just how hard that is.

Best of luck!

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