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Thursday, December 07, 2006

I Win medGadget's Short Story Contest

This isn't about LI, or dairy, or allergies, or any of the things I usually write about, but it's my blog so what the hey.

And it is medically-related. Tangentially. Sorta.

Anyway, a site called held a "sci-fi" writing contest. As the site name indicates, it's a news site, kind of a blog, that concentrates on medical hardware the way I scour the world for info on dairy-free products. Their contest was to work up a short-story about medicine in the future, gadget-related or not.

OK, I'm normally a purist about calling sf sf, and not "sci-fi," but I can't change the world. Besides: I had an idea. I expanded it into a story and popped it into an email right at deadline.

And I won. "Just brilliant," they called it. Who am I to disagree?

You can read the story, the story behind the story, and the runner-up stories here.

The prize. Um, well, it's a Thinklabs ds32a Stethoscope with Electromagnetic Diaphragm. The link is a shout out to the company that donated it to the contest. Don't worry, guys. I'll find it a good home.

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