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Friday, January 18, 2008

Read the Label. Read the Label. Always Read the Label.

I've spent countless hours in supermarket aisles reading the ingredients lists on products. It's tedious. It's bothersome. It's time-consuming. It's a pain.

Sure, it's so much easier to just pick up a familiar package, the one you've bought so many times before, and just put it in the cart. Why check again? Why bother?

Why bother putting on your seat belt every single time you get in the car?

Here's why you need to bother.

The UK firm Trufree makes biscuits - cookies to us in the U.S. - called custard creams. Despite the name, the custard creams used to be free of wheat, gluten, egg - and dairy.

But they changed the recipe to add milk. They said this on the package. Clearly. Contains milk is part of the ingredients list now.

People are people. They didn't check the ingredients. And some had allergic reactions.

Trufree will now put a separate "contains milk" sticker on the package, presumably on the front so it will hit customers between the eyeballs.

Read the label. Always. Please.

More about the problem along with contact information on the Trufree site.

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