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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

There's Lactose in All Animal Milks, Dummy!

Over thousands of years, human cultures around the world have turned to large animals for milk. Not just cows, but horses, water buffalo, sheep, goats, camels, reindeer and many more mammals have been the choice for milking.

And they all share one major thing in common. They all have lactose in their milk. In fact, they all have about the same amount of lactose, some three to four perfect. See my Lactose Zoo for exact percentages.

There are a few mammals whose milk doesn't contain lactose (or very tiny quantities of it). Those are the primitive mammals like the platypus, which evolved before lactose did, and the large sea mammals like seals, which traded lactose for more fat for extra energy.

All the animals used for milking have about the same amount of lactose in their milks as cows do.

This is pretty simple to find out. There's my page for one, and any number of other lactose percentage charts can be found through the internet.

So why do the new agey-style idiots Suzy Grant -billed as an "expert nutritional therapist"! and Dr. Henry Clover, chief dental advisor for Denplan, who should be capable of some medical research, say this nonsense on

Low fat milk and cheese: Calcium-rich for teeth and bones. If you are lactose-intolerant find alternatives made from ewe, goat or buffalo milk.

Is there something wrong with the entire British educational system?

I'll say it again. Ewe, goat, and buffalo milk have almost exactly the same percentage of lactose as cow's milk does. Nobody who is intolerant to the lactose in cow's milk should be drinking this milk.

Please, will somebody in that country get this right?

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