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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cool Whip's New Aerosol Can

Back off, you with the dairy allergies, you vegans, you kosher-keepers. This one is for us, the lactose intolerant.

That's because it's about Cool Whip. Cool Whip is made with sodium caseinate, which disqualifies it for use by the above-mentioned groups. It used to say "dairy-free" on its packages, earning the eternal enmity of every right-minded citizen who believed in truth in packaging. It's totally artificial in every way.

It's heavenly.

You take Jell-o. Plain old ordinary who cares Jell-o. Then you pile some thick dollops of Cool Whip on it and scoop it up, grape-purple or strawberry-red slippery with white goodness. Or a pile of brittle flavorless thin chocolate wafer cookies. Slather on the Cool Whip in between and stack them lengthwise on a plate and cover the whole sideways tower with more Cool Whip and stick it in the refrigerator to chill, where the liquidness of the Whip oozes into the cookies and turns them into soft dough so when you slice crosswise through the tower you have an infinite layer cake.

That Cool Whip.

That Cool Whip that finally - finally! - comes in an aerosol can. And wins over even the haters.

Like these rave reviews I found at the Galva News.

Spatula up: When a recipe calls for a layer of Cool Whip, you must first thaw it, then splat globs of the stuff on your cake or pie, then spread it in an even layer without stirring up crumbs or other ingredients. No more. Now you can spray an even, decorative layer of Cool Whip from an aerosol can. It looks exactly like real whipped cream (holds its shape well) and tastes exactly like regular Cool Whip from a tub. (Saimi Bergmann/Canton Repository)


Spatula up: I don’t want to like Cool Whip. I really don’t. It’s basically coconut and palm oils, water, sugar and air, you know. Not exactly health food. And if you really want to get freaked out, read some of the sites that turn up when you Google Cool Whip. Lots of scary stuff about the product containing lube oil and solidifying instead of breaking down when you leave it out for 12 days. That said, I love whipped topping. It’s like eating sweet fluffy clouds. If you love it, too, check out Cool Whip in the new aerosol can. It’s an improved formula of topping that holds its shape better on top of desserts, and the canister has a nozzle that makes it easier to spray. (Jennifer Mastroianni/Canton Repository)

Here's one more reason to hate Cool Whip.

They don't mention the aerosol can at their U.S. website! Why? (I mean, seriously, why?)

Fortunately, our Canadian cousins come to the rescue at Cool Whip page.

Remember: only the original flavor is lactose free. The Extra Creamy variety aerosol has real cream in it.

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