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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dairy-Free Smoothies

Australian writer Louise Pickford has written the book on Smoothies: Over 100 Fabulous Blended Drinks from Breakfast Boosters to Indulgent Treats, with a whole chapter on Dairy-Free smoothies thrown in.

Product Description
In this mouthwatering new book, bestselling author Louise Pickford brings you more than 100 fabulous smoothie recipes, explain the health benefits of each recipe, with nutritional information about some of the key ingredients. Start with a Breakfast Smoothie to get you going or sip on a refreshing Fruit Frappe in the afternoon sun. If you're on a health kick try a vitamin-packed Vegetable Juice. A chapter on Dairy Smoothies and Shakes is a sophisticated update on the milkshake while Dairy-free Smoothies offer plenty of variety for those who which to avoid cow's milk. Low-fat Smoothie ideas range from Watermelon and Pear Frothy to exotic Rhubarb, Yogurt, and Rosewater Smoothie. Finally, Louise offers indulgent Smoothies--they're too good to keep for special occasions! *With over 100 delicious recipes for smoothies, frappes, shakes, juices, and more, here's a refreshing drink for every occasion. *Tempting photography by Ian Wallace.

About the Author
Louise Pickford had a successful career in London as a food writer and stylist before moving to Australia. She continues to work for both international and Australian publications, and is the author of more than 20 cookbooks, including the Ryland Peters and Small bestsellers Brunch and Barbecue.

Greg Burliuk of Ontario's Kingston Whig-Standard tried making several of the recipes.
Next up from the book's dairy-free section was a banana and granola soy smoothie with soy milk and soy yogurt.

I found the taste of the soy milk refreshing, but the soy yogurt runny with no body to it at all. However, in concert with the bananas, a tiny bit of granola and a little cinnamon, it was a great breakfast smoothie, although next time I'll crunch up some ice to go with it.

Yes, that means the book is available in Canada as well. Maybe even in Australia. Smoothies for everybody!

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