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Friday, October 10, 2008

A Medical Intuitive? My Intuition Says No.

Medical science advances by slow and patient testing of thousands of people over years. Even the, results sometimes contradict each other because of the astounding multiplicity of factors that go into the diet, genetic background, lifestyle, and environment of individuals.

The absolute last thing you want is someone guessing what's good for you.

But guessing is what I read between the lines of this press release from Caroline Sutherland, who bills herself a "Medical Intuitive," a bit of New Age doublespeak that always pegs my alertometer.

Here's a sample of what I consider to be nonsense:

When looking past the correlation between food allergies and weight gain, Sutherland, who has helped over 100,000 people worldwide with her unique brand of healing, notes that hidden food allergies can crop up at various times in a person’s life, disappear just as fast, and cause a wide range of strange effects on the body.

What? It's true that allergies can disappear from young children once they grew into adolescents. All medical research tells us that adults who have allergies have them permanently. They don't come and go.

Sutherland already has a lucrative business peddling her snake oil. Don't give her any of your money.

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