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Saturday, December 06, 2008

LI Celebrity Video: Devin Hester for Berry Chill

I first wrote about Berry Chill a few months ago when the store opened in Chicago.

Barry Chill Yogurt Bar press release.

Berry Chill opened its first location in [Chicago in] January 2008. Two more locations are planned to open in the upcoming months. Berry Chill provides their customers with a daily menu of Original chilled yogurt and rotating flavors that include Chocolate Amaretto, Pina Colada, and Pink Guava (lactose-free). Customers can customize their yogurt or choose from a list of signature creations.

Review of Berry Chill from the Chicago Maroon.

Berry Chill apparently is trying to get a lot bigger than just a few local stores. They recruited football star Devin Hester and put a 30-second commercial up on YouTube. You can see it above.

And the cool thing is that Devin Hester is lactose intolerant.

Berry Chill, Chicago's first all natural yogurt bar, today launches a 30-second digital video commercial starring Chicago Bears wide receiver Devin Hester. Hester is known for his lightning-quick decisions on the field, earning him the nickname "Anytime" -- the inspiration behind the 30-second online video available now at

The Berry Chill video opens with Devin Hester on the football field for the kick-off. As the ball comes toward him, he decides whether to "wave fair catch," "take a knee" or "run like hell," and graphics show his thought process as computerized options. Later, he applies the same precise decision-making at Berry Chill, only this time he's choosing his favorite toppings. "I've been a fan of Berry Chill yogurt since this summer, when I discovered that it's lactose free," said Devin Hester, who is lactose intolerant. "It's the first time I've been able to enjoy chilled yogurt, and I really appreciate that it's high in protein, too."

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Anonymous said...

well he is indeed a celeberity. He is lovable.