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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pseudoscience Has a Defender

I hope you all had a change to read my post on Nutripuncture - The Ultimate in Pseudoscience on Wednesday. I found the press release that was issued about the "treatment" to be both jaw-dropping and hilarious. If I ever start my own science fiction magazine, I couldn't do better than to title it "Oscillating Polymetallic Circuits."

The post almost immediately received a response from Dr. Meg Jordan of the California Institute of Integral Studies, the university where the demonstration took place. She defended Nutripuncture and alternative medicine in general. And she lifted my hopes only to see them dashed to the ground. She wrote:

Your copy is fun to read -- similar to other quick-witted bloggers who enjoy dishing out ridicule and heavy-handed opinion.

Quick-witted! Even though I'm sure she was being sarcastic, I'll take the compliment. I wonder if she'll let me use it as a blurb on a book.

The second half of the sentence is what buoyed my spirits. The implication is surely that some, many, scores and hordes of other bloggers have been similarly mocking the pseudoscience that is Nutripuncture.

Are you out there? Please, please let me know. I feel so lonely being the only one.

And the only one I appear to be. I searched for Nutripuncture. What I found was the following.

Nutripuncture class with Dr Veret.
I attended Dr. Veret's class last time he was in Austin and had some very interesting results.

Thirty years ago, I lost a child and often felt a deep sadness. In 45 minutes of needless acupuncture, I was able to release the emotional pain with no charge on it at all. I still remember my precious child and I am free of the sadness.

The protocol is called NUTRIPUNCTURE, needleless acupuncture and it can work on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

Heidi's Heart.
since last December, when I had my uterus scraped (a uterine oblation) because I was bleeding up to a pint a day, my psychic ability has diminished to nil. I hadn't made the connection before between the ground of my sexual being and psychic experiences. For example, I have not seen beings of light in my living room or out and about in the world for almost a year now, whereas I used to see them several times a day.

An intuitive healer recommended that I try nutripuncture, which is a blend of acupuncture theory and homeopathy. He prescribed yin-yang, uterine, and thyroid combinations for me, and I've been taking them for the past two weeks.

Immediately, my dreams became much more vibrant and real. And I am beginning to remember the messages upon waking, like the one this morning: "Things that you need to shout to the world, even though the world may not be listening."

I have also begun to see energy fields again, not yet full-blown beings of light, angels, some might call them, but at least energy fields. These vibrations are very clearly discernible against the backdrop of objects and persons in the "normal world."

I guess what I am finding is that Nutripuncture gives one an exciting definable experience. In my case, for example, after taking the oedipal sequences, my relationship with my parents improved dramatically and of course it took time and push-back and doing other things too but the Nutripuncture feels very solid in resolving many of my body's knee-jerk responses to them

Caught in the Illusion - Nutripuncture.
NUTRIPUNCTURE richly combines the elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine with breakthrough research in potentiating cellular membrane function and balancing and revitalizing the informational pathways of the body to provide rapid healing results without adding any additional disturbances to the body as many medicines and even natural remedies are well known to do.

Nutripuncture is based on the work Of Nicola Tesla and George Lakhowski on Cellular Oscillation and on the wok of Barbara Mc Clintock which earned her a Nobel Prize in 1983. This energetic form of acupuncture is able to locate and address disturbances in the vital currents. These disturbances are the root cause for pathologies in your body, mind and spirit.

Unbelievable - what I saw in the last month - one can do diagnosis of another person via voice (nutripuncture & our own Jean Loup at BM), via musical chetki (shamanic ceremony), via breathing ( But it all an addition to a developed intuition and pereception and skills...

He advised me to get off a prescription med which was just blocking my bodies natural instinct. He wisely gave me some all natural herbal supplements and added some NutriPuncture to my regular intake. Holy Shitballs!!! I FEEL FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. Back to the high energy I am used to having. My attitude is pumped again. I am back on track and ready to be a seriously productive, fun loving freak getting some shit done.

Holy Shitballs!!! indeed. Is there anything Nutripucture can't do? I'm so pumped on this.

But wait. What's this? A dissenting voice? True, it's now seven years old, but I'm sure Dr. Jordan has a better memory than I do. And unlike those posts from believers who would support anything alternative, this post - called, wonderfully, "A Higher Level of Nonsense" was made by Stephen Barrett, M.D., who is Board Chairman of Quackwatch, Inc., and Vice President of the National Council Against Health Fraud, before whom I bow down and proclaim "I'm not worthy."

He wrote:
Nutripuncture uses "homeopathic nutrient pills" that are said to work like acupuncture needles. Proponents claim that small tablets incorporated with tiny amounts of nutrients have "an immediate action on cellular levels of the body's organs" and "restore the information and the function of the organs and emotional blockages." (In other words, insignificant amounts of nutrients are swallowed to influence an imaginary body electrical system to "balance" imaginary body forces that supposedly are related to organ dysfunctions.)

A proponent Web site lists 38 nutrient products, 38 organs, 38 symptoms, and 38 psychological states -- all numbered to tell the practitioner which product should be used for which organ, symptom, or psychological state. There is no scientific evidence or reason to believe that large amounts of the listed nutrients can do what the proponents claim. But even if they could, the amounts contained in the nutripuncture products would be too small to have the same effect.

One seven year old post. Balanced against the ability to diagnose via voice!

Dr. Jordan you're winning the war against the war against ignorance. Ignorance is rampant across this country. And across France as well, judging by the number of blogs in French that I couldn't read. In the battle of quick wits against half-wits, I guess we know who's coming out ahead.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nutripuncture is not homeopathy , the formulas are trace elements.
The theory has no scientific basis.
No peer review or independent studies on the theory, products or results.
Please review carefully the data and make your own opinion.
Nutripuncture has been labeled as a cult and Dr.Veret the cult leader.