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Friday, July 10, 2009

Essence of Unreality

To end the week's run on press releases you should ignore I go back to the old reliable, homeopathy. I did a warning about a homeopathic allergy medication that claimed to cure practically everything except the derivatives crisis back in March. But these claims never go away. They are evergreens in the deciduous world of pseudoscience., Your Online Chiropractic Community, has added a slew of articles touting homeopathic remedies. Yes, I do consider chiropractic practices to be among the pseudosciences and it's touting of homeopathy is one major reason why.

Specifically, a release by Frank J. King Jr., ND, DC, which should speak for itself.


It may be necessary to search out additional homeopathic formulas to address all underlying causes. Since homeopathy is based on the law of similars, look for formulas that relate to your patient’s symptomatic patterns, such as sinus, headache, skin irritations, asthma, snoring, etc.

There are homeopathic formulas for other specific allergies that can have a compounding effect with other allergies. There are homeopathic formulas for animals, dairy, dust, eggs, fragrances, fruits, grains, nightshades, nuts, and shellfish.

Other factors that can inflame seasonal and year-round allergies include toxicities. There are also homeopathic formulas designed to connect common toxicities, such as caffeine, cosmetics, household chemicals, outdoor air pollution, indoor air pollution, food additives and preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, and water chemicals.

Also to assist with toxicities are homeopathic formulas that activate the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms to work properly, such as blood, kidney, lymph, liver, and acid formulas.

There's some trouble in the Middle East as well. I recommend essence of gefilte fish.

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