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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Go Dairy Free 2010 Product Lists

The other great lactose intolerance site is Alisa Fleming's

She's just updated her Dairy Free product lists for 2010.

For the past three years, our popular Non-Dairy Product Lists have connected free-from dieters with thousands of great food options. To keep things current, we spent the past several months updating each listing, and I am happy to announce that the 2010 versions are finally complete. The following are available in an ebook/pdf format in our Go Dairy Free Ebook Store:

▪ 2010 Complete No Dairy Product List for Multiple Food Concerns (cross-referenced for soy, wheat, gluten, and egg)
▪ 2010 No Dairy Product List for Multiple Food Concerns - Just the Subs
▪ 2010 Complete No Dairy Product List
▪ 2010 No Dairy and No Soy Product List
▪ 2010 No Dairy and No Gluten Product List

We lamented over the loss of some wonderful food manufacturers, but are happy to report that many new foods and companies have taken their place. In fact, the complete product list has grown by 50 pages since last year! ...

Keep in mind, the product lists are not limited to specialty brands either. The complete product list contains approximately 5000 food listings, with categories ranging from cheese and cream alternatives to granola, bread, and frozen entrees.

However, for those of you who just want to know the alternatives for traditional milk-based foods (milk, cheese, ice cream, cream, toppings, chocolate, pudding, etc.), we have added a new condensed version of our complete product list called “Just the Subs.” Still 43 pages in length, this "petite" listing is sure to offer several new-to-you dairy alternatives. It is also cross-referenced to note if the products contained soy, wheat, gluten, or egg ingredients at our time of review.

For more information and to obtain a copy, see our Go Dairy Free Ebook Store.

As the name should imply, these are products that are worth real money. So they are not downloadable free. You have to pay for them. Please do so.

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