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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shelf-Stable Lactose-Free Milk

You want lactose-free milk? My big local supermarket has six full shelves of different brands, types, and varieties of lactose-free milk. And that's separate from the lactose-free coffee creamer section. I remember the days when there weren't six containers of lactose-free milk lined up next to one another. (Just for comparison I went over and counted the shelves of regular milk. 30. One-sixth of all the milk in the store is lactose-free. You might also just stop a second and think about a single store having 36 shelves - more than seven head-high cases - of milk. Wen I grew up I lived down the street from a dairy and I don't think their working capacity could fill 36 shelves. We're a rich, rich country.)

But can I still complain? (Answer: yes. We're a rich, rich country.)

I received this cheery plea for help in an email.

Hi! My baby (16 months) is lactose intolerant. Is there such a thing as shelf-stable / single serve lactose free milk, or powdered lactose free milk in the United States (or Canada, so that I can order). It is impossible to travel without such a product, because he does not like soy milk nor infant formula. I appreciate any help. Thank you!

My huge, big, wonderful, easy-to-get-to supermarket is of absolutely no help to this mother. No lactose-free powdered milk. No shelf-stable lactose-free milk. All those choices and a basic product that would be of great use to ordinary people is missing.

And it's not the store's fault. There's none for them to sell.

As far as I can tell, nobody in North America sells lactose-free powdered milk. I ran an item about the Finnish giant Valio and the lactose-free milk powder it introduced in an European trade show, but that's a wholesale product aimed at bakeries and the like.

Shelf-stable milk is also extremely hard to find in the U.S. Lactose-free shelf stable milk?

I can find one company that makes any. Borden. A giant milk producer in it's own right, Borden sells lactose-free milk in a shelf-stable package. But only a swath of southern states from Florida to New Mexico. Apparently the cows on based on oil rigs floating in the Gulf of Mexico.

Internet sales? No. What I found was a phone number to call on this web order page.

The good news. It comes in whole, 2% low-fat, and fat-free varieties.

The bad news. The containers are 32 ounces each. And sold in pallets of twelve containers. That's a lot of milk, even for something that's shelf-stable and so will last until the next Y2K. (That's a joke. It'll stay fresh for months, however.)

You can try contacting Borden to see if you as a consumer can buy smaller quantities. There is additional contact information on this Borden page.
To contact us:


Borden Shelf Stable Milk Products are distributed by:

Diversified Foods, Inc
3115 6th Street
Metairie, LA 70002 U.S.A.

Phone: 504-831-6651
Fax: 504-831-8288

Milk companies. Get cracking. We need a few more lactose-free milk products.

Travelers. You can thank me for lowering the number of fussy babies on trips. The tip jar is on the right.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

In response to my inquiries to the US distributor for Valio, a company in Finland that sells lactose-free powdered milk, I just got this email:


At the moment Valio sells Valio Zero LactoseTM SMP lactose free skimmed milk powder and Valio Zero LactoseTM WMP lactose free whole milk powder only to industrial clients globally. In case of consumer packages Valio Zero LactoseTM SMP lactose free skimmed milk powder is available for worldwide mail orders in a convenient 400g retail package in an independent webstore ( This webstore is not part of Valio Ltd, but we are glad to direct you to go shopping there.

You can find the product through direct link: http://www.suomikaup...roducts_id=3974

Valio Zero LactoseTM SMP is lactose free dried milk produced using Valio’s pioneering patented Valio Zero Lactose™ technology. It is produced from fresh Finnish skimmed milk by adding vitamin D and removing water. Lactose content is reduced using our pioneering technology which results in genuine pleasant milk taste, yet with only <0,01% lactose content in prepared milk drink. Valio Zero LactoseTM SMP lactose free skimmed milk powder contains natural milk protein and calcium and is produced from non-homogenized, pasteurized milk.

Valio Zero LactoseTM SMP lactose free skimmed milk can be used as regular dried milk for preparation of lactose free milk drinks as well as for lactose free home baking and cooking. The shelf life of the product is 12 months in unopened packaging. This allows convenience to keep the product available as well for occasional use. Valio Zero LactoseTM SMP lactose free dried milk is also suitable for away from home and catering use.

Addition of 80g of Valio Zero Lactose™ skimmed milk powder to 1 liter of water results in a liter of great tasting lactose free (<0,01% lactose) skimmed milk drink. In home baking and cooking dosing is 25% less than with regular milk powder.


I have not tried it yet, so cannot vouch for the taste, or anything else, but it appears to be a valid lactose free powdered milk option in the USA!

I hope that others find this useful!