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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lactose-Free Milk Powder and Butter from Valio

Valio, the big Finnish dairy company, has announced a new "Zero Lactose" line of ingredients. From the press release:

Valio, the leading Finnish dairy company, now offers lactose free ingredients for sale worldwide.

Valio's new Zero Lactose range of ingredients includes skimmed milk powder and butter, which are lactose free. Zero Lactose ingredients are ideal for the production of lactose free products by bakeries, confectionaries, dairy companies and other industries that rely on dairy products as ingredients. By using Valio Zero Lactose ingredients these companies can expand their offering and sell products that appeal to lactose intolerant customers as well.

In addition, Valio's lactose free technology is now more widely available for licensing, worldwide. Valio's lactose free technology produces a milk drink that contains less than 0.01% lactose and still tastes exactly like fresh milk. Valio's lactose free products have been hugely popular in Finland, bringing new growth to the milk market. Lactose free products using Valio's technology have also been successfully launched in Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, South Korea and Belgium.

Contact person:
Valio Ltd
Terhi Sinkko
Marketing Manager
Tel. +358 10 381 2322

These are the first true lactose-free milk powders and butters that I am aware of anywhere in the world. A great advance for lactose-free baking.

Now let's hope that the products soon come to the U.S. and to retail stores.

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Anonymous said...

I would like a net store, who sels this Lactose-Free milk powder in smal units, lets say 1 kg.


Selma said...

How do I buy this milk?

Selma said...

How do I buy this milk?

Anonymous said...

where can I buy this lactose free dry milk

Steve Carper said...

None of the Valio dried milk lactose-free products are sold directly to the public in the U.S.

However, I've found this English-language site that talks about online purchasing. Lactose free non fat dried milk powder 400 g

I guarantee nothing, but that's the place to try.

Azlan Shah said...

how could i get this product in pakistan and what is the price of this bag