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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some Vegan-Friendly Foods

Geri Maria Harris wrote about the Top 5 Vegan-Friendly Foods Even Carnivores Will Love for a blog in the Houston Press.

We all know that when a blogger talks about the Top 5 anything it really means five things scraped together to fill up space rather than "Top" so I hope none of you are taking that headline literally. That's why I titled this post "Some Vegan-Friendly Foods." Wow. That's exciting, isn't it? And that's why bloggers lie to you on a regular basis. Along with everybody else who has ever written a headline. Truth doesn't jump off the screen and grab your eyeballs. Pity.

Three of the five seem to be worth your time and attention regardless. I've mentioned two of the firms before but one is new and it's nice to have them together like this. Besides, I'll give you links directly to their sites so you can explore them further.

Amy's Roasted Vegetable Pizza

Pizza without cheese? Doesn't sound too great, we know. But somehow, it is! Amy's starts this scrumptious pie off with a hearty whole-grain rice crust, then tops it off with organic olive oil, tomatoes, and a medley of other veggies that actually taste good. It sounds weird, but it works. We always have to end up sharing at least half of this single-serving entrée.

Uncle Eddie's Vegan: Oatmeal and Chocolate-Chip Cookies

We know there are many amazing vegan cookies out there, but Uncle Eddie's are our personal favorite. They have several flavors to choose from, but we like the substantive texture of the oatmeal blended seamlessly with the creaminess of the chocolate. You can actually pronounce every ingredient listed on the package, which is a plus. We brought some home yesterday and after having a few non-vegan friends over, the bag was totally empty. Not even a crumb.

Rice Dream Chocolate Frozen Pie

All right, so maybe we have a sweet tooth right now, but these things are truly decadent. A heavenly thick layer of creamy "rice cream" is sinfully sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies and covered with chocolate. We tried our first one yesterday while babysitting a niece, and let's just say we were lucky she didn't go after ours once she had finished her own. It was definitely family feud-inducing stuff. We can't wait until it gets even hotter outside and we have an actual excuse to indulge in this delightfully icy extravagance.

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