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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Report From the LI Conference, part 26

We're back to another round of lactose intolerance influences people to not have dairy which lowers their calcium intake which has long term effects. The difference here is that Dr. Johnson looked at people's feelings as well as their behaviors.

Behavioral Factors Related to Lactose Intolerance and Bone Consequences
Susan L. Johnson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Pediatrics
Section of Nutrition
University of Colorado Denver
Anschutz Medical Center

Most Important Problems Encountered With Having Lactose Intolerance

1 Not able to eat certain foods that you like

2 Worry about embarrassment at social events because of lactose intolerance

3 Limit your physical activity because of lactose intolerance

4 Concern about not getting enough calcium

5 Concern about developing osteoporosis or other bone diseases

6 Limit activities that take you away from available restrooms

The perceived inability to eat certain foods goes directly to milk drinking. Some people avoid all dairy products because of LI. But realistically, people don't stop eating their favorite foods like cheese, especially on pizza, and ice cream even if they are LI. That's probably why lactose-free ice cream never breaks through in the market.

One thing that's not known and would be helpful is whether adult perceptions of foods that "can't" be eaten because of LI affects the views of their children. Some children, especially Hispanic girls, were more likely than others to think of themselves as LI and so avoid dairy. If milk can be added to breakfasts, however, it's more likely to be drunk.

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