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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Andrew Wakefield Banned in Britain

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the doctor whose bad science, false experimentation, and faked results led to the death of children from the hysterical conclusion that autism might be caused by the MMR vaccine, was banned from medical practice in Britain.

This is a self-congratulatory pat on the back by a medical establishment that let him and his acolytes get away with literal murder for too long. Wakefield will not suffer from this ban. He's not even in England. He is - what else? - working at an alternative medicine facility in - where else? - Texas.

As I wrote last year:

Wakefield has been practically elevated into a god by the fringe nutgroups that regularly attack all mainstream medicine. The leader of the nut groups is Age of Autism, who awarded Wakefield their first, and I believe only, Galileo Award as a persecuted Man of Science. You won't be too surprised that autism diet-fad activist Jenny McCarthy and her husband Jim Carrey were Age of Autism's 2008 Couple of the Year.

And who is supporting Wakefield today? You guessed it. From Age of Autism's front page of May 26, 2010.
Meet Dr. Andrew Wakefield at The American Rally for Personal Choice Today

Join us TODAY in Chicago to show our support for vaccination choice and parental consent. Please join us live and meet Dr. Andrew Wakefield, or you can participate via satellite, or with balloons to represent all those who cannot attend but want to have their family counted.


It gets worse. Wakefield will present his side of the affair in a book called - I cannot make this up - Callous Disregard, possibly the most ironic book title of all history. The book has a foreword by - I'm still not making this up - Jenny McCarthy.

There is still no proof that vaccines cause autism, just as there is no proof that the GFCF diet, which just failed another test, can help to cure them.

Children do die of measles from not being vaccinated, though. In today's world that is the equivalent of deliberate murder. Tragedies all around.

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