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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Vegan On the Cheap Cookbook

This is the almost perfect time to put out a cookbook on cheap eats. Things were a lot worse last year, but people weren't spending money then. Now consumers are beginning to shell out the dollars. Cautiously.

So a cookbook titled Vegan on the Cheap: Great Recipes and Simple Strategies that Save You Time and Money has got a lot going for it.

Author Robin Robertson is a longtime vegan who has:

written nearly twenty cookbooks, including 1,000 Vegan Recipes, Vegan Planet, Vegan Fire and Spice, Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker, and Quick-Fix Vegetarian. For more information about her books and for sample recipes, visit her website at and her blog at

Before she began writing cookbooks, Robin was a restaurant chef and cooking teacher. When she left the restaurant business in the late 1980s, Robin became vegan for ethical reasons. Over the years, she has fine-tuned her plant-based diet into an eclectic and healthful cooking style which she thinks of as a creative adventure with an emphasis on the vibrant flavors of global cuisines and fresh ingredients. In addition to writing cookbooks, Robin writes 'The Global Vegan' column for VegNews Magazine.

Product Description
You don't have to blow your budget to eat great meatless and dairy-free meals every day.

With Vegan on the Cheap, you can enjoy delicious vegan meals every day of the week. Veteran food writer and vegan authority Robin Robertson provides 150 mouth-watering, exciting recipes that cost just 50 cents to $2 per serving-hefty savings to go with hearty vegan meals.

This book presents great options for savory soups and stews, satisfying salads, hearty noodle dishes, first-class casseroles, favorites for the slow cooker, and meatless and dairy-free recipes for classics like pizza, burgers, and sandwiches. Plus, there's even a chapter for desserts to satisfy every sweet tooth. Throughout the book, smart tips and creative ideas help you save money by cooking in bulk, prepping meals in advance, and finding tasty ways to reuse leftovers.

Includes 150 money-saving recipes for delicious vegan meals like Walnut-Dusted Fettuccine with Caramelized Vegetables and Fresh Pear Galette.

From the Back Cover

The ultimate vegan budget cookbook—easy recipes for delicious food that costs no more than $2 per serving!

With the price of fresh vegetables, fruit, and meatless and dairy-free foods on the rise, it's tougher than ever to eat great-tasting vegan meals without blowing your budget. In Vegan on the Cheap, Robin Robertson gives you a big bang for your buck with 150 exciting, mouthwatering recipes—all for just 50 to $2 per serving.

You'll find great options for savory soups and stews, satisfying salads, hearty noodle dishes, first-class casseroles, slow-cooker favorites, quick-and-simple skillet dinners, plus vegan versions of classic foods like pizza, burgers, and sandwiches. Even if you cook every night, these recipes won't let you run out of ideas any time soon!

And, Vegan on the Cheap provides plenty of tips and strategies for everyday savings:

Manage your food budget with handy cost-per-serving icons for each recipe

Make your own meat alternatives like seitan at a fraction of the cost of packaged proteins

Prepare and stockpile big batches of ingredients that will keep for weeks

Cook it once but enjoy it twice with "Two-for-One Meals"

Wiley trade paperback
272 pages
List price: $17.95

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