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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Article Scam

You - yes, you - can be paid for what you know! Even for stuff you don't know! It's easy! Just write an article for us! On anything! Anything at all! Then watch the money roll in!

When I put it that way, it's obviously a scam, a snare, a trap for the delusional and desperate. Yet it works. Probably for the same reason that you keep getting spam in your in-box that is so poorly done that you wonder who could possibly be stupid enough to fall for it. Somebody does. (I saw an article that estimated that 8 people out of every million respond to spam.)

Article scammers continue to function because everybody thinks they know something. Even when they don't.

Take Lonad, which stands for Lon's Article Directory. There's a name that screams quality. This is what Lon advertises:

Lonad Now Offers Article Writing Services
400-500 word articles for $20.00
Ivy League author educated at the Masters level. SEO optimized.

You can be sure that articles from Lonad are unique and of the highest quality. Simply email us today we’ll get started on any subject you may like.[sic]

This is the reality which you get.
Do not bother if you are suffering from a bloated stomach. Others too are facing the same problem. Bloated stomach is not a disease, but just a nuisance. Before treating this nuisance, understand what causes it. This will aid them to avert it from occurring again. One of the main reasons behind bloated stomach is poor indigestion....

[A] number of other symptoms indicate that one is anguishing from a bloated stomach and body swelling is one of them. However, bad food habits are the basic reason for bloated stomach and if one is able to mend it, they shall no longer suffer....

Remove buffalo milk from your diet The reason behind it is that this type of milk contains a low amount of lactose, a substance that facilitates digestion of milk.

Other than reading as if put through a bad internet translator, the article is no more than a shill for a website selling hugely expensive digestive aids.

Times are tough for almost everyone. People will try to take advantage of you when you're down. Don't fall for it.

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