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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

FoodGizmo Recipe Search Engine

Whenever you get large number of sites on a popular subject, somebody always comes up with a way of doing a meta-search on all of them at once. One example I use so often that the URL is burned into my brain is, a meta-search engine that searches all the major used book sites and returns every copy of a book out there.

There are bunches of major recipe sites on the Internet. Ergo, somebody will create a recipe meta-search engine. And that somebody seems to be foodGizmo. Naturally, they brag all about it in a press release.

Denver-based foodGizmo, LLC, has launched a free website, simplifying the way people find and manage their online recipes. For the first time, using foodGizmo’s recipe search engine, users are able to simultaneously search from dozens of the top recipe sites, including,,,,,, and ...

Going beyond the basic search filters of recipe source, rating, preparation time, and cooking time, foodGizmo has added additional filters that include:

Ingredient Search: Users can enter up to 3 items they have in their pantry and find recipes that meet their needs from across multiple websites.

Nutrition Search: Users can search for recipes by calories, low-fat, low-carb, as well as, Gluten Free and Dairy Free recipes.

Online Recipe Boxes: Users can store their recipes and also share them with friends.

Online Meal Planner: Helps users plan and organize their meals for the day, week or month.

Grocery List: Members can quickly and easily create grocery lists from the recipes they find on foodGizmo.

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