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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ice Cream Sandwiches for Dogs

Dogs are lactose intolerant. So are cats. So are all adult mammals, except for a small percentage of humanity who are mutants.

But those human mutants - about 30% of the worldwide population, but at least 75% of those in the United States - think their animals should eat all the same foods that they do.

Humans are irrational. I sometimes wonder if that's not a recent mutation as well. We can't have been this irrational for the past two million years, can we? How did we ever not kill ourselves off?

Anyway, humans sorta know that it's not a good thing to give ice cream to dogs. So they invented an ice cream substitute that's supposed to be better for them.

That's Frosty Paws Frozen Treats now also in Peanut Butter. I'm not making this up. Why do fake news when the world is right there begging for it?

I've never really understood the point of Frosty Paws, though, since the second ingredient is whey powder, which is mostly pure lactose. Isn't that what dogs are supposed to avoid?

Apparently. Pedigree, the dog food giant, and Good Humor, the ice cream truckster, have teamed up to make Pedigree Ice Cream Sandwich Treats for Dogs.

The Associated press reports that:

Ice cream maker Good Humor and pet food producer Pedigree have announced plans to produce ice cream sandwiches for dogs. Many dogs are lactose intolerant and cannot eat ice cream, the companies said.

Pedigree Ice Cream Sandwich Treats for Dogs will be dairy-based and have the same texture as ice cream, but contain only 1 percent lactose.

The treats also will have added protein and no sugar.

The companies plan to sell packages of 24 frozen treats for $3.99.

It's low-lactose, which is good. But it's ice cream. For dogs.

Still close to a full moon out there, I guess.

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