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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Vegan Italiano

I'm been poking around more looking for other new cookbooks I haven't seen. That found me Donna Klein's Vegan Italiano: Meat-free, Egg-free, Dairy-free Dishes from Sun-Drenched Italy . (H.P. Trade paperback, 192 pages, $15.95 list price.)

They bill the book as:

Mangia-minus the meat and dairy-with these classic Italian dishes from the author of The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen.

In the sumptuous style of classic Italian cuisine, this collection of delectably authentic recipes reinvents vegan. Mouth-watering dishes burst with fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and healthy fats like olive oil-all within an animal-free diet, ideal for lactose-intolerant eaters and vegetarians, too.

Delicious Italian food was made for bountiful and flavor-filled variations, not weak substitutions-which is why none of these recipes calls for tofu, soy milk, or other ingredients that mimic meat, dairy, and eggs. Now readers can treat themselves to something scrumptious-even if they can't make it to Italy this year.

The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen is on my Vegan Cookbooks page in my Milk-Free Bookstore on my web site, along with another of Donna's books, The PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick) Vegetarian Cookbook : 240 Healthy and Easy No-Prep Recipes for Busy Cooks.

I always have to make decisions where to put the cookbooks and the Vegan page was the obvious spot for this one. Of course, if you're lactose intolerant or have dairy allergies or are looking for pareve recipes, this book will be for you as well.

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