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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pamela's Products

Lisa - the Gluten Free Foodie celebrated her first gluten-free cake.

I am so excited that my first Gluten Free King Cake turned out - Ca c'est bon! (That's good!)

I decided to make it easy so I tweaked a few recipes and used Pamela's Products bread mix. This is a combination sweet bread and Challah bread ... YUM! It is not only Gluten Free but Dairy Free and Soy Free too! I used Earth Balance non-dairy non-soy, natural buttery spread and Nielsen Massey Bourbon Vanilla paste to enhance the yeasty flavor of the bread. I purchased the beautiful traditional colored sugars from Williams-Sonoma in Purple (justice), Green (faith) and Gold (power) that represent the three wise men. It is also a tradition to hide a prize - a bean, coin or plastic baby inside the cake to represent the Christ child. The finder of the prize or baby is said to host the following year's festivities. I must get it every year because I love hosting Mardi Gras!

Pamela's Products sounded interesting, so I scouted them up.

They make a variety of gluten-free and wheat-free cookies, biscotti, and baking mixes. Their allergy page says:
Pamela's gluten-free cookies and mixes are produced on 100% dedicated gluten-free machinery.

Pamela's Products have been formulated and produced to be wheat-free and gluten-free. Our products are produced in a facility which also makes products containing: peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs and soy. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any product in the Pamela's line, please contact us at: Phone 707-462-6605 or email

You can also check that page to see which products are also dairy-free. Most are. A few contain butter, so they probably won't be a problem for those with mild lactose intolerance. The Baking & Pancake mix contains buttermilk, which may therefore have a bit more lactose.

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