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Friday, February 12, 2010

A Very Naughty But Dairy-Free Valentine's Day

We're all adults here, right? (If not, send the kiddies off to watch the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Right now.)

Valentine's Day may be a day for romance, but most adults want to spell romance S-E-X. Trust a college publication to have S-E-X on its mind. North by Northwestern is Northwestern University’s best independent online publication. I didn't say that. They did.

Myrtle Williams did a funny little piece on Carnal Knowledge that would better have been titled Caramel Knowledge. It's all about edible sex toys and enhancements from candy panties, gummy undies, nipple tassels, to even non-dairy body whipped cream. (Actually, almost all the products are dairy-free, consisting of variations on sugar and more sugar.)

Although the column is about adult topics, there's nothing visual to cause serious trauma unless you have to worry about a thong on a manikin. The Love Potions page on which the body whipped cream can be found on is equally visually friendly but definitely NSFW.

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