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Friday, April 09, 2010

Food Bank Feeds Lactose Intolerant Toddlers

Rich Miller of WFIE reported on an innovative plan to feed needy children. And that includes the lactose intolerant ones.

The Tri State Food Bank lends a hand in feeding pre-schoolers.

It's called the piggy back backpack program. Twenty back packs will be provided for pre-schoolers to take home over the weekends. The packs contain enough food for two breakfast meals and two dinners.

The $2500 grant for the program was written by USI [University of Southern Indiana in Evansville] students and the funds came from the university. They will provide food for the toddlers for a year.

"If a child at this age doesn't receive the proper nutrition it can affect their I.Q," said USI student Mindy Prien. "It can just affect their ability to learn. It is hard to concentrate on your lessons and learning when you're hungry."

Backpacks for lactose intolerant children will also be provided as part of the program.

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