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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Silk Makes Almond Milk

Silk and soymilk are almost synonymous. Their website even has the URL of

But soy has its own set of enemies. And grabbing a bit more shelf space always is to a company's advantage. So Silk is extending its tendrils and doing a bit of brand extension, introducing two flavors, original and vanilla, of Silk PureAlmond, a dairy-free, lactose-free milk alternative made from almonds.

The Wegmans site has a long paragraph taken from a Silk handout on the new drink, an oddity since they aren't listed among the store locations.

All natural almondmilk (added vitamins & minerals, including vitamin E). 90 calories per serving; rich in antioxidants (added vitamins & minerals, including vitamin E), lactose-free & soy free. 90 calories per serving. What makes our almondmilk so healthy? For starters, it's the almonds. Every little nut is a perfectly packaged powerhouse of natural antioxidants and more. In fact, we like to think of almonds as Nature's Perfect Nutrition - and that's where our almondmilk begins. We make our almondmilk with all the care, quality and wholesome nutrition you expect from Silk? Along with an excellent source of natural antioxidants (fortified with natural antioxidant vitamin E), each glass provides as much calcium and vitamin D as milk, with absolutely no cholesterol, saturated fat, lactose or soy. And best of all, it's just 90 calories. Perfectly delicious nutrition, just as Nature intended. Everyday delicious. At Silk, we believe each day should include its share of pure, delicious pleasure. Smooth and creamy with rich taste of almonds, Silk Pure Almond almondmilk is guaranteed to bring a smile - at only 90 calories a cup. Over cereal, in your coffee or straight up in a glass, it's a natural, healthy way to make every day just a little yummier. Enjoy! Delicious little almonds. Great big nutrition. Silk Pure Almond Vanilla Almondmilk: 90 calories; 30% DV calcium; 25% DV vitamin D; 0 g saturated fat; 0 mg cholesterol. Data drawn from USDA, ARS 2008, Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 21. This almondmilk is made from almonds that were not genetically engineered. Made in USA.

Unless you are using an iPad, go to for some of that Apple-prohibited flash animation.

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