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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Consumer Reports Downgrades Milk-Free Frozen Treats

It's not out yet, but you might want to keep an eye out for the July issue of Consumer Reports, which will appear on newsstands on June 5. (Magazines are always dated ahead. The idea is to make them seem fresh on newsstands. Monthly magazines appear early in the month preceding the issue date. Weekly magazines are dated one week earlier than their official publication. This system dates back many decades, to the heyday of newsstands, and now serves mostly to confuse everyone. It won't go away as long as there are print copies, though.) Anyway, the press release for the issue talked about the article on The best Frozen Treats for Summer. Non-dairy confections were also covered and they didn't rate very high.

So Delicious Dairy Free Vanilla Minis sandwiches had a mild artificial-vanilla flavor, and the wafers were soft and sticky. Tofutti Dairy Free Cuties Vanilla sandwiches consisted of gummy, artificially flavored innards between sticky wafers that tasted a bit stale.
The full report, which will also cover nutrition information and cost, is available in the magazine and on the website,, although that requires a subscription for complete access.

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1 comment:

Jose Luiz Garcia said...

What happens to the other allergenic milk vilains such as hormones, proteins, hormones, growth factors and bioactive milk peptides , if you remove just lactose ?
My oppinion is that this is a lost war. Just forget about milk as a diet item. Period.