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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Who Says Goat Cheese Isn't Dairy?

I saw the headline, Day in the life of an herbalist and Naturopath, by Mardi Suhs in the Cadillac, MI News.

You just knew that was going to set me off, didn't you?

I'm not going to reprint all the nonsense that the article quoted Kelly Sandelius, a certified herbalist about to graduate as a Naturopathic Doctor, as saying. It would melt your brain.

But here's the line that I had to share:

Tonight we are having homemade vegetable lasagna with ground turkey — no dairy. We use goat cheese and tofu.

Right. Goat cheese is not dairy. The fats, proteins, and lactose may be so close to cow's milk that few people can tell the difference, but it's not dairy. What is it? I don't know. Maybe it's fairy sweat. Maybe the bees make it from honey.

Speaking of which, she also said:
Make healthy sugar choices. There are healthy sugars.

No, all commercial sugars, including raw sugar and molasses and the other variants, are about as healthy as regular white sugar. No real difference.

Unless the sugar also comes from fairies.

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Alisa said...

You mean all these years with a milk allergy I could have been feasting on goat cheese?!

You crack me up! Thanks for the amusing post.

AJ said...

Oh, I tried goat cheese about a week ago because I heard that people with LI could digest it better. Well, NOT ME!!! I had an extremely upset stomach the next morning! I'll stick to my rice cheese, it's the best substitute for cheese that I've found. I can't believe this article said it wasn't dairy!!