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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Breaking News: Nuts, Seeds, and Fruits Aren't Dairy!

I appreciate the fact that products are entering the marketplace that are specifically aimed at those of us with food avoidance issues. I learned I was lactose intolerant in 1978 and many foods then didn't even have complete ingredients listings let alone dairy-free versions.

But some common sense is also needed. Cookbooks that proclaim that they have special recipes for dairy-free meals and then include recipes of foods that would never normally have milk products in them are cheating you. They'd do better to state the obvious and then go on to do the real work of showing how to cook with sometimes finicky substitutes.

In the same way, don't wave fruits, nuts, and seeds at me and proclaim you've made a dairy-free snack.

Who does this? For one, Mrs. May's Snacks.

The Trio bar will be available in four different fruit flavors and like all Mrs. May's snacks, the bars are vegan, non-GMO, cholesterol free, dairy free, wheat free, certified gluten free, kosher and contain no artificial flavors and colors.

What's in a Trio bar?
The bar is named Trio because each bar contains a combination of three nuts (almond, cashew and pistachio), three seeds (sesame, sunflower and pumpkin) and three fruits (dates, raisins and one-of-four fruit flavors including strawberry, cranberry, blueberry or tropical fruit) to create a healthy, crunchy and substantive snack.

Healthy is always good. And I still remember those first years of walking through supermarkets and reading ingredients on every single product on the shelves. It's helpful to be able to pick up a Mrs. May's product and not have to think twice about the contents.

And a startling number of processed foods you'd never believe would be a problem sometimes contain dairy products.

Just remember that you don't need to pay money for somebody else's non-dairy fruits. They all come that way.

I guess what I'm saying is that the more you learn about foods, recipes, and cooking, the easier a time you'll have finding good, healthy, tasteful ingredients that you'll like and are perfect for your tastes and styles. Don't depend on crutches when you don't have a limp.

To be fair, look for Mrs. May's products at her website.

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