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Friday, September 21, 2007

Nude PETA Ad Banned in Texas

Remember the Barenaked Ladies line from "One Week"?

"I have a history of taking off my shirt."

That might be PETA's motto, with all the ads they've done featuring celebrities - female, for some reason - who need to take off their clothes to prove that they don't eat meat.

No, I don't get it either.

The latest vegan celeb is Alicia Silverstone, 2004's sexiest female vegetarian, whose nude swim ad was banned in Houston by cable provider Comcast.

Comcast Cable bosses banned the spot because Silverstone is naked, and they don't want to upset viewers in Texas.

PETA chose to debut Silverstone's new ad -- which is also available on Peta's website, -- in Texas because the states' leading cities "repeatedly rank among the least healthy in America."

Wait a second. They banned the ad on cable because you can, gasp, see the sides of her body, and not a single naughty bit is shown even for a Janet Jackson second? The print ad above shows more of her body and it's still safe for little children. (Though I have a question. She's 5'5". How does somebody that short have legs that long? It's not from veganism.)

Who's nuttier, PETA or Comcast?

Here's the 30-second video spot itself.

Hysteria, over nudity or milk or any other imaginary issue, is bad for your health. And that's the only health guarantee you'll get out of this whole scandal.

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