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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Divvies Dairy-Free Halloween

Divvies, at, has tasty treats like "gourmet popcorn, bakery cookies, candy, and cupcakes all made using egg-free, nut-free, dairy-free recipes."

For Halloween, their cupcakes are, natch, orange-frosted.

And there's more good news. Go to, use the coupon code “DAIRYFREE10” at checkout and receive 10% off your entire Divvies order.

And here's the whole press release for the full story.

Divvies, a food allergy-friendly sweets manufacturer, has released their new line of Halloween-inspired cupcakes and jellybeans just in time for the ghoulish holiday. Available to order online, for fresh delivery throughout the United States, all of Divvies’ products are egg-, dairy-, tree nut-, and peanut-free.

With an ambition to create sweets so wonderfully delicious that even kids without food allergies would ask to share them, Divvies set out their motto as “Made to Share.” They have more than succeeded, as Divvies treats are now sold at Disney World, and their cookies, popcorn, candy, and cupcakes are currently shipping to happy moms throughout the country.

The cupcakes are the latest addition to the Divvies’ line-up, made fresh in the Divvies dedicated baking facility. Sold by the dozen in either vanilla or chocolate, customers can mix and match the cupcakes with their choice of chocolate or vanilla frosting. For Halloween, Divvies has also added the option of orange frosting to top your choice of cupcakes, which are appropriately served in black cupcake liners.

What makes these cupcakes even more fabulous is their party-friendly nature. The frosting comes in a separate tub, so children can enjoy frosting and decorating their own cupcakes. Plus the inventive shipping box easily converts into a cupcake carrying case for mess-free transport.

For cupcake decorations and general sugar snacking, Divvies is also selling “safe” jellybeans in Halloween colors. Each package includes an assortment of orange, black, and purple jellybeans.

In honor of their new cupcake and Halloween selections, Divvies is giving away a dozen cupcakes to two lucky winners via the informational website Go Dairy Free. To enter to win, simply sign up with your name and a valid email (they must have a way to contact you if you win) for the free e-newsletter at by October 22, 2007.

Divvies cookies, popcorns, and cupcakes are made in the company’s own dedicated facility where no peanuts, tree nuts, eggs or milk enter the doors. Divvies candies, frosting, and sprinkles are certified by their manufacturers to be peanut-, tree nut-, milk-, and egg-free and are packaged in Divvies Bakery. Divvies conducts routine testing to minimize the risk of any cross-contamination in their certified allergen-free ingredients. Divvies’ products are also certified kosher parve and vegan.

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