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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Houston, We Have a Problem

My computer committed bluescreenicide and so it's sitting in the shop for a few days. Once it's had all its chips flossed, a large, cooling bath of bubbly nanobots, and a full buff and wax of its flux condensor, it should be as good as new.

That means I hope to return next week. [Yes, ah'll be bahck.] I'll save up all the best stuff as well as the looniest bits and spread them out as a delicious but lactose-free buffet.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to answer any questions until then either. You can still send them and give me some nuggets to read amongst the spam when I get back online. Please. Instead of sex spam, I get insurance spam. Even the title lines are boring.

Until then, take a stroll through the massive archives I've built up (over 500 posts!). There's bound to be something you've missed.

Thanks to one and all for doubling my readership over the past few months.
Steve Carper

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