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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Lactose-Free Cheese Follow-Up

I constantly complain about press releases for new products that aren't co-ordinated with the websites mentioned in the release. The new soymilk, Silk Plus For Bone Health, which I wrote about back on September 26, still doesn't appear on the Silk website.

I was somewhat proud - all right, gloating - when I discovered this brand new press release issued this week. Sorrento Cheese Offers New Sorrento(R) +Plus String Cheese in Stride with Supermarket Trends Towards Functional Foods.

Remember? I wrote about it all the way back on September 19, in Sorrento Lactose Free String Cheese, after receiving an email from Nicole S.

I can't say you get much in the way of new information from the press release, but for the record:

Sorrento's other new offering, the Sorrento +Plus Lactose-Free string cheese, is the answer for the nearly 20% of the U.S. population (30-50 million Americans) who have difficulty digesting lactose, the major sugar found in milk. While some people who have difficulty digesting lactose, also known as lactose maldigesters [or lactose intolerant], avoid dairy altogether, many look to yogurt, aged cheeses, or enzyme tablets taken with meals to fit the health benefits of dairy into their diet. But none of those options offer as much portable convenience and nutrition as Sorrento's Lactose-Free string cheese product, which still packs all the goodness of 20% of the RDA for calcium.

30 - 50 million is 10% - 17% of the population, not "nearly 20%," but as we've seen recently nobody teaches math any more. At least nobody who writes press releases remembers their math. I suppose that's why they're writing press releases instead of doing real work. (Oh, right. I forgot I'm a freelance writer who's done many a press release in his checkered career. Hmm.)

Ad. Press releases done cheap. Math guaranteed correct.

Anyway, I thank all the people who take the time to write me about products that they've seen. You're all encouraged to let me know what you've spotted, either in a comment here or in an email to:, Names are always kept confidential.

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