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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Silk Plus for Bone Health

"Functional" is the new buzzword in the food industry. Functional products have had some "extra" added to them to make them healthier. At least according to whatever the latest fad in health might be.

I scoff, but it's hard to dismiss these foods. It's far better to add ingredients designed to promote health than more sugar and fat.

I've written extensively about these products in the past. In Functional Nondairy Makes Europe Healthier I mentioned several European soymilks that had plant sterols added in the hopes of lowering cholesterol counts in those who drank them.

And in this country, I looked at two new products from Silk that they claimed offered "nutritionally dense and very smart solutions by incorporating all the vitamins, minerals and heart-healthy soy protein of regular Silk, plus added fiber or Omega-3 DHA."

Silk is at it again, launching yet another functional soymilk, Silk Plus for Bone Health.

Silk's press release has more detail:

This new addition to the Silk Plus product line provides added calcium in every glass, and incorporates all the vitamins, minerals and heart-healthy soy protein of regular Silk. As an added benefit, NutraFlora® natural prebiotic fiber has been included to help the body absorb calcium more effectively.

Silk Plus For Bone Health is a great way to take in more of the nutrients that support strong, healthy bones. Every serving of Silk Plus For Bone Health delivers 400mg of calcium – 40 percent of the recommended daily value and 30 percent more than you’ll find in a glass of dairy milk.

"Silk has always delivered great-tasting, high-quality soy products to health-minded consumers," said Scott Stevens, general manager for Silk Soymilk. "By introducing Silk Plus For Bone Health with NutraFlora® prebiotic fiber and added calcium, we continue to meet their needs and make it easier for consumers to get more of the nutrients they need in the products they use every day."

Prebiotic? That's not a typo for probiotic. Yes, I've written about that before as well, in Prebiotics and Probiotics. I quoted Wesley Canfield of the Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center:
Prebiotics ("before life") are nondigestible or fiber components of foods, usually complex carbohydrates that beneficially affect the host by stimulating the growth of intestinal bacteria. Certain bacteria prefer a particular prebiotic to use as a source of energy.

More about Silk soymilks at their website.

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