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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ok Foods Unveils Christmas Line

Ok Foods is one of the major independent producers of gluten-, wheat- and dairy-free foods in the UK. Yes, it seems really to be spelled with a capital O and small k. At least they spell it that way on their products, if not always consistently on their web site,

Ok Foods was established in 2003 with the aim of becoming one of the leading independent manufacturers of gluten free, wheat free and dairy free bakery products in the UK. To this end, we built a dedicated gluten, wheat and dairy free bakery, sourced the best ingredients available and set the most stringent quality standards for our manufacturing process.


All Ok Products are suitable for Coeliacs and Vegetarians and can be purchased from all major supermarkets and good health-food stores across the UK.

Selected Ok Foods products are available from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Asda, Morrisons, Booths, Boots, leading food halls and health-food stores across the UK.

Ok Foods put out a press release announcing its line of traditional English foods for Christmastime. Hey, it's already September, what can you expect?
The Christmas range is crafted in small batches, in a dedicated gluten, wheat and dairy free bakery. Using premium ingredients which have undergone strict testing to ensure they are free from gluten, casein and lactose, the most stringent quality standards for manufacturing processes are set in place.

The Ok Christmas Range

Mincemeat Slices – pack of 5

Fruit mincemeat made with juicy vine fruits and topped with toasted almond flaked almonds layered on a sweet almond base. Available in Morrisons, Waitrose and good health food stores or at RRP £2.29.

Christmas Cake

A rich cake filled with vine fruits, apricots, dates, cranberries and seasoned with festive spice. Available in Asda, and Morrisons or online. RRP £3.99.

Christmas Pudding

Traditional Christmas pudding, with fruit and nuts. Available from Waitrose, selected health food stores and online. RRP £2.49.

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